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Chiropractor Dr. Gwen KellyPregnancy and Chiropractic

Can I exercise?

YES! Exercise is safe and beneficial during pregnancy. There is no evidence of harmful effects of exercise on pregnancy. But because of the lack of evidence, it is important to know how to exercise properly, and to talk with your chiropractor about making a program of exercise that is right for you.


How hard can I exercise?

The recommendations for exercise during pregnancy are that the same level of exercise from before pregnancy is maintained. If you have never exercised, you may be able to start a mild exercise program including exercises for the muscles used in pregnancy. However, someone who has never exercised is not going to want to suddenly start a strenuous program of aerobics and strength exercises. If you have a high level of exercise pre-pregnancy, you should be able to maintain that level of exercise. You will, however, need to decrease intensity of your exercise program as these exercises become harder due to the pregnancy. There are some things that a pregnant women should not do during pregnancy especially in the later stages of pregnancy.


Are there limitations or guidelines for exercise?

Yes. Your perceived level of exertion should not increase. You need to make sure that you have adequate nutrient and water intake. You need to keep your core body temperature below 101 degrees and your heart rate below 140- 160 beats per min. You should be able to exercise for a minimum of 15 to 20 min. Exercises to avoid include: exercise requiring balance, high impact, the possibility of falling, repetitive bouncing or jerking, and exercises done while laying on your back. You should, however, be able to continue with a current sport or activity without many changes until the fifteenth week, provided you are aware of the risk that that activity may or may not have. For more information on guidelines, ask your Chiropractor.


What are the benefits of exercise?

There are many benefits to exercising during pregnancy. It can decrease the time it takes to return to pre-pregnancy shape. It will decrease the time spent in the hospital. It can increase Apgar scores and birth weight. Exercise can decrease discomfort during pregnancy. And it can decrease the difficulty and length of labor. Problems such as swollen hands and feet, leg cramps, and varicose veins may occur less frequently in women who have exercised during pregnancy. Exercise has many wonderful benefits for the pregnant woman.


How can Chiropractic help me?

There are neuromuscular and biochemical changes that occur in pregnancy, and chiropractic can be very helpful in dealing with many of the problems that arise. Adjustments help the body function at its optimal level, allowing it to remain healthy by helping the body to heal itself. Adjustments, especially to the pelvis (sacrum, ilium, and pubis), can help the birth move along more quickly and with less pain because the joints that are stressed so much during birth, will be moving properly. Along with adjustments, your chiropractor can help guide you in many other ways. Chiropractors can help you find an exercise program and a nutritional diet that will benefit both you and your child. They can also use soft tissue techniques to help relieve muscle tension and facial tension due to the growing size of the belly.

Chiropractic has techniques for helping a breech child to be turned. They are effective about 97 percent of the time, and involve an adjustive technique and exercises that mom can do at home. Chiropractors are aware of many of the annoying "symptoms" of pregnancy, and can help with many of them. Your Chiropractor can be extremely helpful in making sure that both the mother and the child are healthy.


Are adjustments safe during pregnancy?

Adjustments are safe during pregnancy. There is a minimal risk with any adjustment, but that risk is not increased by pregnancy. Chiropractors go thorough exams to discover what the problem is and help determine if adjustments will be safe and beneficial for each patient.

During pregnancy there are many different ways in which we adjust so that the uterus, and the child, are not put under unnecessary pressure. There are adjustments that can be done seated or standing as well as lying down. The chiropractic table is adjustable so that the mother can lay comfortably face down without any pressure on her belly. Most moms find this to be a very relaxing position especially since it has usually been a while since she could lay face down.



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